Activist Chef José Andrés Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize



Chef, restaurateur, author, and activist José Andrés has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, the Washington Post confirms.

Andrés and his fledgling non-profit World Central Kitchen did more to feed the Americans of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria struck the island last September than any other single government or non-government agency. Under his direction, the organization overcame failures of leadership, bureaucracy, lack of financial aid, corruption, and an almost complete lack of infrastructure to serve millions of hot meals in cities, towns, and remote areas of the island.

Since last year, Andrés and his team have also helped feed Americans in Houston, the CarolinasHawaii, and California, responding to each natural disaster — from hurricanes and floods to fires — with urgency.

“Oh, wow,” he told the Washington Post when reached for a comment. “They nominate everybody.” And then he reiterated thoughts he’s shared in the past, about how food now plays a significant part in politics, from immigration and national security to public health and labor law. “In the end,” he said, “you see that food every day is having a bigger impact.”

Andrés was nominated for the award by Democratic Representative John Delaney of Maryland, who wrote in his nomination:

Though there are some 300 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize annually, only one winner is chosen per year. The winner for 2019 will be announced next October. Previous winners include Barack Obama, Kofi Annan, Shirin Ebadi, and Nelson Mandela; winners tend to be politicians, diplomats, lawyers, or doctors. If he wins, Andrés would be the first chef awarded the prestigious prize, which includes a gold medal, diploma, and variable sum of money decided upon by the foundation, generally around $1 million.

Kitchen a-la-Queen

Take four walls, add a floor that's waxed, sprinkle lightly with small-boy tracks.

Add: Cupboards and pans, a refrigerator, a sink, a stove and a percolator, a table to rest your elbows on, a kettle that sings and a telephone.

Set a corner aside for a rocking chair that you and a yellow cat can share.

Place and old stone jar on a window sill for daisies or bittersweet to fill.

Arrange antiques on shelves, in nooks. Leave room for dishes and recipe books.

Season with essence of new-baked bread. Add hungry youngsters; keep well fed.

Mix cookies and milk as the need arises; have hot dogs handly, for club day crises.

Sift and discard unessentials chores; put worries to soak while you step out of doors.

As a final touch, for a perfect blend, garnish your kitchen with loving friends.

From the movie to the Table

Can you imagine to these directors as chefs?

Can you imagine to these directors as chefs?

Can you imagine to these directors as chefs?

Can you imagine to these directors as chefs?

Can you imagine to these directors as chefs? By

Smash Cake

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Authentic Mexico, The Gourmet Gala

Authentic Mexico, The Gourmet Gala

Authentic Mexico, The Gourmet Gala

Tryly Mexican by Roberto Santibáñez

Authentic Mexico, The Gourmet Gala

"September is a very important month for Mexicans, and for eighth year, Authentic Mexico will celebrate its Gourmet Gala, one of the most important culinary events in this country. Texas, one of the states that has historically concentrated more Mexicans in the United States and one of the most prosperous states of the country, is a clear example of how immigration and the contributions of Hispanics promote the economic growth and social development of the localities they settle in.

The Hispanic Alliance is a clear example of the qualities tha characterishe the Hispanic communities, which are even more important nowadays."


This ir our participation in this Gourmet Gala, SONETO A SOR JUANA, Almond Royal Egg with Mexican Dark Chocolate with Clemole de Oaxaca

Big Tex Choice Awards

The State Fair of Texas is happy to annunce the ten finalists that will be competing for the titles of "Best Taste - Sweet" "Best Taste - Savory" "Most Creative" in the Big Tex Choice Awards 2017.

The winners of this prize will be announced in August 27th at the 13th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards at the historic Tower Building in Fair Park.

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