Sep. 22, 2018

Gala Hispanic Alliance 2018

We are delighted to be celebrating the 9th anniversary of the Authentic Mexico Gourmet Gala. This annual event recognizes the transformative ppower of the hispanic Alliance and its programs in our community.

The Hispanic Alliance exists to transform lives. We focus on economic mobility by providing arts education for youth and entrepreneurial training for adults, emmpowering entire families to thrive and give back to the community.

This year, we highlight the beauty state of Veracruz. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz is Mexico's oldest port since European colonization. Hernan Cortes, spanish conquistador founded Villa Rica de la Veracruz as the first spanish town in Mexico almost five centuries ago. Such encounters represent the first and most important mix of mexican and spanish cultures.

Veracruz has historically been the gate to European influence in Mexican cuisine and its products are well-know throughout the world. Vanilla from Papantla and coffee from Veracruz are recognized though a Protect Designation of Origin because of their uniquess and high quality. There is no doubt that Veracruz is a window that shows the best that Mexico has to offer.

By suppporting The Hispanic Alliance, you help expand our programs and transform the lives of even more underserved families in Central Texas.


Chefs 2018

Hors d'oeuvres

Daniel Brooks, Licha's Cantina

Roberto Espinosa, Taco Deli

Simon Madera, Taco Flats

Austin FInley, Parkside Projeccts

Kevin Taylor, ATX Cocina



RIck Lopez, La Condesa



Zarela Martinez, Zarela! La Cocina Veracruzana



Tita Jolliffe, Private Chef

Rosa Loza, Cannon and Belle

Juliann Stoddart, Parkside Projects

Sharon Watkins, Chez Zee American Bistro